Weekly insights into agile project management and scaling agile across the organization

Agile Journal

Daily news and tips into every aspect of IT management, from strategy to execution


Weekly tips on the best uses of benchmarking and metrics to futureproof your business

Benchmarking Journal

Weekly insights into how to protect your digital assets from threats

Cybersecurity Journal

Weekly insights into the best strategies to evolve IT governance in the organization

IT Governance Journal

Weekly tips for developing the skills and leadership capabilities of IT workers

IT Workforce Journal

Weekly tips for building/maintaining PMOs and aligning them with business strategy

PMO Journal

Weekly knowledge about integrating RPA throughout your business, the risk involved, and the tools to do it

RPA Journal

Monthly journal focusing on estimation topics, metrics, and benchmarking


Weekly insights into how to be a future-facing CIO, hosted by Phil Weinzimer

The Strategic CIO Journal