Connecting Technology Providers

Exchanging and expanding your ideas, products, services and reach.

Premier Technology Marketplace

Providing customers with integrated and innovative solutions.

At the Global Technology Alliance Xchange, our vision is to become the premier business technology marketplace for the exchange of ideas, products, services and routes to market specifically for mid-size and emerging technology providers.

Our mission is to combine the individual strengths of technology provider organizations from around the world, into a cooperative, sharing and connected global network, helping our members immediately expand their products, services and geographic reach for customer engagements.

Why an Xchange?

Today, each prospective Xchange member faces certain limitations:

  • Limited ability to expand sales reach
  • High cost of selling
  • Limited number of products and services
  • Limited new product development budget
  • Challenges supporting larger clients world-wide
  • Limited marketing budget

Why Join the Xchange?

Join the other members of the Xchange and benefit through:

  • Instant access to customer and sales network thru other members
  • Selling your products and services everywhere via worldwide members
  • Instant access to the cumulative products and services of all the members
  • Instant access to the development and competency centers of the membership
Geographical Support and Execution Reach
  • Support and Execution teams in over 1,300 cities around the world
  • Over 10,500 professionals including 4,500 in US and 3,000 in China
  • A 24/7 help desk call center with over 10 languages
Marketplace to Sell Your Products
  • A global sales force marketing your products in over 140 countries on every continent
  • Expecting to grow to 50 members by 2020
Accessible Products and Services
  • Over $100M of R&D investment into new products & tools
  • Fixed price development and guaranteed ~30% savings in Legacy application support
  • Double project success rates and reduce project administrative expense by 90% by monitoring early warning signs
Marketing Material and Support
  • A repository of marketing material, case studies, proposals, videos, etc. to support product sales & use
  • Use a dozen Newsletters and Journals, as well as Websites and Events, to market yourself to audiences around the world.
Available Client Base


  • A strong and trusting relationship with over 2,000 commercial and government sector clients at all levels (including over 400 in US)
  • Partnering with others on client engagements previously out of reach
Competency Centers
  • A global 24/7 Oracle support organization
  • World-class cybersecurity practices supporting US and European federal regulatory agencies
  • Global data center planning, migration, hosting and monitoring practices
  • 1000+ PMI Accredited education webinars across 15 disciplines
  • A media group publishing articles from world-class opinion leaders in newsletters and journals with over 50K subscribers
  • A network of interconnected on/near/off shore development centers to augment your development resources
  • Reduce development costs by ~50% by leveraging an established network of off shore centers

Facts & Figures


Development Centers


Products & Services